College & Transition Guidance

We’re with you every step of the way.

At Winston, we take a focused, proactive approach to helping students and parents prepare for the transition to college and beyond. We realize the process can be challenging, and we’re here to help every step of the way. Because each student is unique, our counseling services are tailored to your student’s specific strengths, interests and goals.

Our small class sizes and nurturing learning environment enable Winston’s staff to develop a clear profile of your student’s academic capabilities and social skills. This allows us to help students choose post-secondary paths to maximize their learning potential and empower them to pursue a promising, independent future. We strive to present students and families with every available option and opportunity, from admission to a four-year college or community college, to identifying art schools, trade schools and vocational certificate programs. While many students go on to college, we also help transition students for whom college is not a goal.

College Search and Admission Guidance

Our college guidance services, directed by Mary Sterling-Torretti, help students and parents navigate the college search, application, and admissions processes. Through a series of one-on-one interviews with students and parents beginning in junior year, our experienced staff works with you to develop a personalized college search strategy. Tasks and objectives might include:

  • SAT Test Prep: study groups, computer based practice tests, tutoring
  • Reviewing “Test Optional” school admission requirements
  • Creating a list of schools that are a good fit academically and geographically
  • Submitting applications to multiple schools
  • College essay coaching and draft reviews
  • Producing Academic Transcripts before prescribed deadlines
  • Portfolio compilation and review (for art school candidates)
  • Personalized timeline of college application and financial aid deadlines
  • Identifying and applying for available scholarships
  • Requesting letters of recommendation
  • Completing the paperwork to request accommodations or educational support services, such as extended-time testing, quiet place testing, note-taking assistance, etc.

Community College Matriculation

During the college search process, students and families often decide that community college is a more appropriate, less stressful transition. Matriculation to community college is a relatively simple process.

As a WASC accredited school, Winston students’ transcripts are accepted by virtually all community colleges. Community college applications (and transcripts) are submitted in the spring of a student’s senior year.

The Winston School continues to establish new collaborative relationships with liberal arts colleges that offer educational support services for students with learning differences. Click here for a list of colleges and universities to which Winston graduates have gained admission in recent years.