High School Curriculum

A Process Tailored for Success

Each student in the high school follows a departmentalized class schedule based upon their skill levels and grade. Students follow an academic program that leads to high school graduation. All subjects are taught within the guidelines of the California State curriculum framework.

Graduation Requirements
Students must earn a minimum of 44 semester credits in grades nine through 12 to graduate; 30 of these credits must be in academic courses. The minimum requirements in each discipline are:

English – 4 years
Science – 3 years (two lab sciences)
Mathematics – 4 years
Fine Arts – 1 year
History – 4 years
Physical Education – 2 years
Foreign Language – 1 year (or one year Fine Arts; 1 semester Practical Arts)

Students who require another year of high school to reach graduation may participate in our fifth year program.

College Prep Requirements

California Public College (A-G)

To be eligible to enter a four-year public college (either the California State University or University of California system), students must take and pass the A-G course requirements. This important college preparatory curriculum starts at the 9th grade level and is comprised of 15 specific high school courses that must be passed with a grade of C or better.

Specific Subject Requirements:

a. HISTORY (World, U.S., American Government) 2 years.

b. ENGLISH 4 years.

c. MATH (Algebra 1A, Geometry, Algebra 2) 3 years.

d. SCIENCE (Lab Science from 2 of 3 core disciplines, to include: Biology and Chemistry or Physics) 2 years.


f. VISUAL & PERFORMING ARTS (Art, Music, Drama) 1 year.

g. ELECTIVES (chosen from the areas of History, English, Math,

Lab Science, Social Science, Fine Arts, Language other than English) 1 year.

All A-G courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher for the student to be eligible for admission to a UC/CSU campus.

Entrance Requirements (for UC/CSU schools)

Both the UC and CSU systems assign extra points for up to four full year courses

(Eight semester grades of UC approved Honors and/or AP courses):

A = 5 points

B = 4 points

C = 3 points

D = 1 point

*Note: UC policy states that seniors receive weighted grade points on the 5-point scale when calculating GPA for UC approved Honors courses taken in grades 10 and 11. Sophomores will receive no more than two semesters of weighted credits for approved Honors/AP courses completed in grade 10. Students should consult with our counseling department before making final course selections regarding UC policy.