Tuition and Scholarships

2020/2021 Tuition: $30,600

The Scholarship Program

The Winston School is committed to serving our community of students from all economic backgrounds. For those who find themselves unable to pay the full tuition rate, we may be able to provide a discount through our scholarship program. Our financial aid grants are need-based, and a family’s request for financial aid is considered independent of the admissions and enrollment process.

Students who are eligible for financial aid must meet the following criteria:

  1. have measurable financial need based on documentation supplied in their application packets through the online FAIR application process;
  2. have a clearly diagnosed learning difference;
  3. be deemed likely to contribute positively to the school community;
  4. be deemed likely to benefit from a specially designed educational environment.

Application Process

The Winston School uses an organization called Financial Aid Independent Review, Inc. (FAIR) to collect and interpret financial information. Families who are interested in applying for tuition assistance through our scholarship program may submit an application at ANY TIME. Please note that FAIR applications submitted after the June 19 deadline may not be funded due to a limit on available funds that are primarily distributed in June. Parents who file their taxes separately must each submit a FAIR application. Students currently receiving financial aid must reapply each year.

To learn more about FAIR or to apply, please consult their website:

In order to submit an application, please enter our school code of 166 and password, which is tws166 on the FAIR website.

Link to more information about the FAIR application: Submitting Your Financial Aid Application Online

Optional Fee-Based Services - 2020/2021

Optional fee-based support services include Counseling, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Tutoring, I.E.P. with a Winston case manager, Expert Testimony and Consultation, Academic Assessments, Psychometric Tests, and pre-College exams.  The current fee schedule for optional services is as follows:


Group Session — $65 per hour

Individual Session — $90 per hour

Note: The Winston School reserves the right to bill for additional hours of Counseling for managing a student in crisis.

Speech and Language Therapy

Group Session — $85 per hour

Individual Session — $95 per hour

Occupational Therapy

Group Session — $95 per hour

Individual Session — $110 per hour

Other Services

  • Tutoring — $65/hour (when available)
  • I.E.P. with Winston Case Manager — $4,575
  • Expert Testimony/Consultation — $275/hour
  • Special Academic Assessments Per Test —$450
  • Psychometric Tests (Full Battery) — $1,500-$3,000 depending on battery and report timeline
  • SAT, PSAT, AP, ACT Exam Fees — Costs vary