Art Program

Self-Expression and fresh ways to look at the world

Art is a highly-developed discipline that reflects the complexity and rationality of the human mind. Studying and creating art allows us to explore our own sense of self in relation to the physical world. As a result, our Art Program often has a therapeutic effect on Winston students.

All visual arts classes are taught by professional artist Dan Peragine, who struggled with dyslexia throughout his young life. Dan’s drawings and paintings engender much of his work in three-dimensional bronze, steel and clay. As an instructor, he accommodates different learning styles, investing the time and personal attention needed to understand each student’s specific talents and needs. Performance expectations are based on each student’s unique artistic abilities.

The Winston Art Program is multi-faceted, integrating the study of art production, art history, art criticism and aesthetics. The program emphasizes the creative process, engaging students in problem-solving techniques, while inspiring an interest in the arts through simple and logical steps to creating visual imagery.

The arts curriculum expands on the foundation of drawing and painting by introducing mixed-media works on paper; utilizing new technique and manner of execution; then going to painting on canvas with brushes. After intensive interaction in 2-D work, students are introduced to 3-D projects, subtractive-additive techniques, and ceramics.

Guided by a basic art curriculum structure, students are motivated to create out of their own interests and imagination. The success they achieve through art gives them self-confidence, which carries over into their academic classes and other school activities.

Winston students tend to be very involved in art department activities. Art students also participate in community life by displaying their works at The Del Mar Art Walk and other local venues.