Music Program

Music Training Promotes Healthier Brains

The mission of The Winston School Music Program is to foster friendship and learning through the study and performance of popular music. The benefits of the program may far exceed that mission. Numerous studies indicate that learning to play music can have a positive impact on other essential skills, including speech and language, memory and attention span.

Our Music Program incorporates both the theory and practice of making music and interweaves appropriate appreciation and music history topics in the process. The program brings together students of varying skill levels, and includes personalized instruction in guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and singing.

After-school music lessons support student growth and allow students to be grouped based on their skill levels. Tailored activities also help specific groups, such as the girls’ rock band, recording club and musical theatre, to flourish.

Through music, students often learn discipline and study skills that help them in their other classes. While the cognitive benefits of music training will vary from one student to another, it’s safe to say that music study is a healthy supplement for young minds.