Winston Student Creates Non-Profit: Mentoring Autistic Minds

March 15, 2021 /

David Rivera graduated from The Winston School in 2019 and was the proud recipient of the Head of School Award. This award is the highest honor at The Winston School and recognizes one student every year who not only does well academically but is involved in many different aspects of the school, is friendly and…

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World Teen Mental Wellness Day

March 2, 2021 /

Winston student, Naia, says that when she’s stressed, she loves talking to Mr. Manny, a Winston counselor, for guidance.   Recognized on Tuesday, March 2nd, World Teen Mental Wellness Day is a time dedicated to raising awareness for teen mental health issues while providing education and resources to students who may be struggling to prioritize…

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Winston Student Receives Letter from Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor

December 31, 2020 /

Every year, The Winston School Social Sciences Department hosts Bio Faire, which allows students to research historical figures and then give a presentation on what they’ve learned. Parents crowd into our school auditorium (pre-COVID-19) and navigate the room to learn about historical figures past and present that our students meticulously research. Winston student Anna M.…

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National Special Education Day with Winston Alumni

December 22, 2020 /

Every year on December 2, we celebrate a day that hope was restored to those who learn differently. On this day in 1971, there were changes made to the federal legislation which lead to the nation’s first law regarding special education students and children. The All Handicapped Children Act protected children with learning disabilities, stating…

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National Stress Awareness Day 2020

November 3, 2020 /

Stress is something that impacts our mental health as well as our physical health. The world right now is witnessing its first global pandemic since 1918. It has dramatically uprooted everyone’s lives, working from home, on-line instruction, and virtual hangouts with friends and family. Here are some tips on how you can reset your mind…

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The Winston School Welcomes Students Back to Campus!

September 30, 2020 /

Since mid-March, The Winston School of Del Mar, where a wide range of academic, social and emotional needs support services are available for students in grades 6-12, has been successfully implementing distance learning. By engaging our students and equipping our teachers and staff with practical learning strategies and specialized programming, our students and staff have…

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How to be Successful with Online Learning

September 1, 2020 /

The year 2020 has taken a turn that no one was expecting, causing everyone, including school campuses, to adapt. Here are some ways to ensure that your student is successful while incorporating social hours and mental health breaks. Treat an online course like a “real” course          Online classes may feel less “real,” but there…

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High School Social Distancing Commencement Ceremony 2020

June 17, 2020 /

On Friday, June 12, The Winston School welcomed the Class of 2020! Our staff planned a unique social distancing graduation ceremony to make sure our students were celebrated. The Winston community created a ceremony where the students could walk down the “blue carpet” to get their diploma and acknowledge their achievements.  The graduates lined up…

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How to Deal with Stress During COVID-19

May 3, 2020 /

COVID-19 has genuinely truly changed the education industry and how our students have been learning since mid-March. The Winston School, fortunately, responded reacted quickly to the pandemic and we were well prepared to launch our distance learning model. Our students have been working diligently hard online and are staying positive throughout this pandemic.  We are…

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Virtual Learning During COVID-19

April 6, 2020 /

The Winston School is providing a virtual learning world for students and teachers during these unprecedented times. The students are holding a positive attitude as we guide them through this new learning environment. Our teachers are taking their multi-discipline teaching skills to the next level by personally calling families to implement virtual learning, doing family…

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