College Bound Series: Raiden M.

Raiden M. is a senior at Winston, co-president of the student council, and recently accepted to go to Juniata College in Pennsylvania upon graduation in the spring. Juniata College is a private liberal-arts institution where students can explore
over 100 undergraduate academic programs, with about 30 percent of them creating their own major of study.

Raiden’s acceptance is a considerable achievement and we are so proud of all the work that he has accomplished while at Winston. When asked about this particular school, Raiden said, “Mr. Jacobson told me about the school and recommended it to
me, considering he went there as well. He thought I could do well, just like he did.”

Raiden had the privilege to tour the campus as well as see the psychology department. “It felt like the campus was home; it felt like a community that would support each other. I saw professors sitting with students and having lunch and I even got to meet the head of the psychology department.”

Raiden shares that at one point, he didn’t think he would make it to high school. “Mr.Weber encouraged me in middle school when I didn’t think I could get to high school. He brought me up, pushed me, and assured me I could do it. I attribute my success to Mr. Weber.” Raiden is looking forward to studying psychology in college and is excited to proceed to the next step of life, taking what Winston has taught him with him.

Raiden continues, “Mr. Jacobson played a large role in my academics as well. He propelled me and knows I’m capable of doing a good job. Mrs. S-T also helped me with the college application process, which I am most grateful for.”

Raiden says, “The important thing is to know yourself what you want. Don’t let anyone else tell you what you have to be. Your life is yours, not theirs. Do what you need to do to get where you want to be.”

Congratulations Raiden!