College Bound Series: Sarah W.


Sarah W. is a Winston school senior, Winston Corner leader, an eager volunteer, and will be attending Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon, this coming fall.

Sarah has a heart for working hard and has a tenacity that will make her succeed in the years to come. When asked what helped her prepare most applying for college, she said, “The College and Career Readiness Class was the most helpful for me. I knew nothing going into this class and didn’t know what to expect. I learned how to pay rent, bills, taxes, and apply for jobs. It taught me how to become a better adult.”

The college and career class is new to The Winston School and is lead by Mrs. Guttman and doctorate occupational interns from St. Augustine. This class teaches students interviewing skills, resume creation, and teaches them essential life skills to take into the future.

Sarah also stated that the Assistant Head of School, Mrs. Sterling-Torretti, has a meaningful impact on her Winston education. “I’ve been here since 7th grade and she’s been there since the beginning. She has been there through my best and worst best times–she’s been through it all with me.”

Sarah is excited to try new things and take the next step. “I’m looking forward to experiencing new things on my own and I’m nervous about that as well, but I am excited to live on my own outside of California. I’m excited to branch out and find new hobbies and get out of my comfort zone.”

Sarah shared, “If you don’t know what career or school you want to go to, that’s is okay! It took me a long time to figure it out. If you don’t know, it’s okay and you will figure it out and persevere.” Congratulations Sarah, we are excited to see all of the things you accomplish!