Supporting Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Counseling services are accessible to Winston students on-demand during school hours. Having this professional resource on campus can help resolve a wide range of emotional issues, personal conflicts, and minor crises —often within brief 10- to 15-minute therapy sessions — on the spot, as needed.

Students receive compassionate care from qualified personnel. Our Counseling Department is structured as a clinical supervision program. The program is supervised by either a licensed Clinical Psychologist or a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who oversees our clinical staff, which is comprised of post-doctoral students, graduate students and Marriage & Family Therapy interns. The program also has a partnership with Alliant University.

Students with learning differences are more likely to be affected by depression, anxiety, emotional and behavioral issues. When students need emotional support, they can take comfort in knowing they have immediate, direct access to Counseling.

On-demand, on-campus Counseling services are covered by each student’s enrollment fees. Students who repeatedly access on-demand Counseling, however, may have needs beyond what these brief sessions are designed to address. These students will be referred to the Counseling Department for evaluation.

If more comprehensive Counseling services are needed to meet a student’s social, emotional and educational needs, parents will be contacted to discuss a fee-based program. Our on-campus Counseling services are offered at substantially lower hourly rates than most off-site clinical practices. Accessing these services at Winston helps minimize lost classroom time.