Learning Expectations

The Winston School embraces students whose behavior or classroom skills require improvement for them to meet their goals in school.  To support them along the way, we created a set of Learning Expectations to promote, recognize and reward academic and personal growth.

Our school-wide Learning Expectations and recognition program has three main categories:  Academic Achievement, Social Skills and Communication, and Intrapersonal Goals. The Winston staff recognizes progress in these key areas by awarding “Activity Passes.”

Academic Achievement

All students are expected to actively pursue and gain the knowledge and skills required for college work or professional training. Students are encouraged daily to improve their intellectual ability through the consistent study and expression of ideas.

Social Skills and Communication

All students are expected to enhance their use of language in all areas and actively seek improvement in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These vital skills will enable students to ​contribute to their community through leadership, cooperation, and service.

Intrapersonal Goals

Students set goals for their own learning, pursue them confidently, and take pride in their accomplishments. We encourage students to develop a healthy lifestyle through recreation and physical fitness. Students learn to take responsibility for their actions and decisions, and understand how they affect the community and the world around them.

Individual Recognition

The Learning Expectations program and “Activity Reward” passes enable the Winston staff to recognize student achievements in areas such as self-esteem, pride, confidence and healthy lifestyle, in addition to their academic accomplishments.