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You may donate to Winston in a variety of ways:

Cash or Check

Please mail your check to The Winston School:

The Winston School
Attn: Business Office
215 9th Street
Del Mar, CA 92014

Online - Donate Now

Click here to donate securely online.

Gift of Stock

Please contact our Development Department at 858-259-8155.

Planned Giving

A “planned gift” is any charitable gift that allows the donor to integrate thinking about his (or her) family’s financial future with their philanthropic objectives.

Such a gift can lock in a stream of retirement income for the donor, or can help diversify an unbalanced portfolio in a tax-advantaged way. Planned gifts can turn illiquid assets (e.g. real estate or private equity) into charitable gems, and they can help you support The Winston School with a larger gift than you ever thought possible.

Please consider including The Winston School in your will or trust, or as a beneficiary of an IRA account or insurance policy.

A bequest intention is the simplest, most common form of planned gift. Another kind of planned gift that can be a useful financial planning tool is the charitable gift annuity. Donate cash or appreciated securities. The annuity is a simple agreement between you and The Winston School. A great way to reduce capital gains tax.

There is also a variety of Charitable Remainder or Charitable Lead Trusts. All for discussion with our Development Department and your tax advisor.

Some reasons to consider making a planned gift:

  • You want to make a leadership gift to The Winston School, but you’ve got kids to educate. Solution? Set up an “education” trust for the kids – The Winston School manages the money for a period of years and then the trust pays out several large sums when needed to help with your kids’ college tuition.
  • The Winston School is close to your heart, but you are worried about saving enough for retirement. Solution? Consider a deferred payment gift annuity, which will lock in a high rate for payments to begin when you retire.

There are many reasons to consider planned giving. It’s good for you, good for your family, and good for The Winston School. Call the Winston Development Department for more information.

Thank you for investing in current and future generations at The Winston School.