How to be Successful with Online Learning

The year 2020 has taken a turn that no one was expecting, causing everyone, including school campuses, to adapt. Here are some ways to ensure that your student is successful while incorporating social hours and mental health breaks.

Treat an online course like a “real” course

Franklin is ready for his zoom session!

         Online classes may feel less “real,” but there are ways to make sure that your student stays focused. Throughout the day, try to keep a routine for them, such as waking up at the same time, attending regular in-class check-ins, being on time, lunch breaks, walking breaks, and homework time. Getting out of the house is crucial, especially when doing school from home.

Practice time management

         It can be more comfortable for your student to fall behind when teachers are not in the room with them, but it is essential to have your student stay on top of their work not to become overwhelmed. It is vital to schedule dedicated homework hours, as well as dedicated mental health breaks.

Create a regular study space and stay organized

         Create a structured workspace for your student. If your student works from their bed or the couch, it can be easy not to pay attention since both areas are dedicated to relaxation. Instead, the kitchen table, a desk, or even setting up a desk outside is a much better choice. Your brain needs to be able to switch into work mode and relaxation mode, which can be hard when your student does not have a designated work and play space.

Dr. Reed showing off her work from home space.


 Please encourage your student to self-advocate if they are struggling with the material. The Winston School teachers are dedicated to ensuring that your students are comfortable with online learning for the time being. We are creating office hour time and encouraging our students to speak up if they need help with their academic material.


Actively participating in classroom discussions will help your students stay engaged and less distracted. Encourage them that it is still important to add to academic discussions and release their social energy.