National Special Education Day with Winston Alumni

Every year on December 2, we celebrate a day that hope was restored to those who learn differently. On this day in 1971, there were changes made to the federal legislation which lead to the nation’s first law regarding special education students and children. The All Handicapped Children Act protected children with learning disabilities, stating that they could not be denied due to their exceptional capabilities.

At The Winston School, we give students a second chance, where they may have before been told that they wouldn’t graduate high school, 95% of our students pursue further education after graduation.

Michelle Demond is a former Winston parent and is a true testament to The Winston School program and its success. Michelle’s son Robby attended Winston from 7-12 grade and grew as a student as well as a human being.

When speaking about her son, Michelle states, “I had always heard that The Winston School was a great program for kids with learning disabilities and challenges. Other students that my son had attended schools with who had transferred to Winston were thriving.”

“I was in awe with the group of staff members the Winston School had put together. Each staff member is highly experienced with providing support to all the various students and their needs. We received OT, PT, and Counseling services from highly experienced staff that my son knew he could always count on to be there for him.”

“The Winston School provides each student with the necessary tools and opportunities to apply to college or go on to do whatever may be their interest. My son was always planning and thinking about the future and was led through the college application process for schools that fit best with his interests. He was accepted to a CSU college.”

My student’s greatest success was the ability to learn how to adapt to different social situations so that he is now able to have healthy friendships and relationships. 

My student is now attending college and is doing great. He has been able to transition very easy from Honors English at Winston to his English Literature class in college. He is able to provide valuable insight to his classmates. He has a lot of self-confidence due to his years spent at The Winston School. 

I really appreciated the relationships we had with each staff member to ensure the success of our student. I also appreciated the open and honest feedback we would receive from the staff. I felt we were able to be part of a team that really cared about our family. Our student overcame a lot of challenges that I never thought he could.