The Winston School: A San Diego Private Special Education School

When it comes to our children, we know there is nothing you wouldn’t do to help your child get a wonderful education that will help prepare them for their future. That’s why at The Winston School of San Diego, we are a quality private special education school that ensures a nurturing environment where kids will want to learn and grow. We find and build on their strengths, and prepare them for their future. If your child is struggling in their current school and is falling behind or losing hope, consider the premier private special education school in San Diego. With the lowest student to teacher ratio in San Diego, we provide quality education and learning center with individual attention given to each student’s needs.

What sets us apart from other private special education schools:

  1. Everyone is included. At The Winston School, we offer a caring, calming community with professional, on-campus support services to address a wide range of academic, social and emotional needs. If your child has been bullied in the past, The Winston School is a safe place for them to attend school without worrying about bullying. Our private special education school is a safe-haven for every student.
  2. Safe and Secure. The Winston School is a secure place where students can enjoy being at school, making friends, being creative, and having the weight of failure lifted off their shoulders. More than 95 percent of our students go to college.
  3. Quality Education. Our private special education school program was created to be flexible — to make the classroom and curriculum fit the student, not fit the student to the classroom. All of our teachers have master’s degrees in special education and all administrators are specialists in learning differences.
  4. Therapy and counseling. We offer optional onsite counseling, occupational therapy and speech therapy to help our students with academic progress and behavioral goals. These programs have been proven to help with learning and social interaction.
  5. Student activities. Activities encourage teamwork and can help build confidence in our students by working together and doing their best. We offer a wide variety of activities from digital arts to yoga to drama to dance to field trips and so much more. We even offer summer programs to keep our children engaged and continuing to grow in the summer.

If you’re looking for a quality private special education school that puts the student and their needs first, contact The Winston School today.