The Winston School Expertly Teaches Autistic Children

Choosing a school for a child who has Autism Spectrum (ASD), who may require intensive educational therapies, is a profound decision that can make a lasting impact on a child and family’s life. The Winston School has been successfully supporting and teaching students on the Autism Spectrum (ASD) for 30 years.

The Winston School’s program goes beyond the special education resources available in public schools. The Winston School provides educational and treatment options based on a methodology that has shown to significantly help students with Autism. We are a flexible school that offers many options to meet students’ needs. We provide strong therapeutic interventions such as Speech and Language Therapy provided by a license speech therapist (SLP), and Occupational Therapy for regulation and sensory needs. In addition, we offer additional tutoring and educational support for students requiring such interventions. Each of our classrooms has a California Credentialed Special Education teacher, and a low student-to-teacher ratio.

The Winston School provides an educational environment where students develop skills to become effective learners and contributing members of our school community. Our students develop a social and peer group, and personal strategies for advancing their own social and emotional well-being.

The Winston school offers a wide selection of educational programs including music, drama, studio art, digital media, gaming and other electives that are based on student preferred activities, to promote and encourage positive transitions and encourage social development.

We are a strength–based school that accommodates individual differences. Our staff and programming are flexible and take a personalized approach for all students to access curriculum and activities in individual, small group, and large group instruction.

If you or someone you know is looking for a school that is passionate about helping students on the Autism Spectrum (ASD), look no further than The Winston School, where we offer a positive place to learn.