Speech Therapy

Several language based learning differences (LBLDs) can affect a student’s listening, speaking, reasoning, reading, writing and math skills. Among the more common are dyslexia, dyscalculia, apraxia of speech (AOS), and receptive and expressive language disorders.

At Winston, we have a licensed Speech/Language Pathologist and a Speech Therapy Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) on staff. These skilled specialists identify and provide therapies for students with LBLDs and other language challenges associated with autism spectrum disorder.

Better Communicators Make Better Students

While the term “Speech Therapy” is commonly associated with treatments to correct articulation and muscular based speech impediments, Speech Therapy at Winston is more clinical in nature. We focus on semantics — helping students interpret the correct meaning in spoken language — and pragmatics, which involves the social aspects of speech communication.

Through Speech Therapy, Winston students often achieve marked improvements in verbal comprehension, reading comprehension, and their ability to follow directions. By becoming better communicators, students are much better equipped to respond to instruction and behave appropriately.

Speech Therapy sessions are scheduled through the school’s main office. To consult with our Speech Pathologist, call the school’s business office.