Is Your Student Struggling in a Traditional School Setting?

Your child is bright, smart, and eager to learn. Your child may be gifted in areas far beyond typical, but they struggle in school - socially, academically, emotionally, and/or physically. What if you knew of a school that could help your twice exceptional child grow in every area of challenge, and continue to excel in the area in which he or she is already gifted? A twice exceptional school is exactly where this can happen.

The Winston School: a Twice Exceptional School for Twice Exceptional Students

The Winston School is a 2e school founded specifically for students with learning differences. The Winston School understands that traditional curricula and schedules don’t meet the individual needs of twice exceptional students.

Our school staff and faculty are trained to teach and counsel 2e students and give individual attention to the needs of each student to maximize their ability to grow in areas of challenge and excel in areas of strength. The Winston School helps students do well in school today, and prepare for college or other transitions. Our training goes beyond just the classroom: we help each student transition from the classroom to a bright future and well-rounded life.

If your 2e student is struggling in a traditional school setting, contact The Winston School today to find out more about our twice exceptional school designed specifically for students like yours. Let us help your student grow and become happier and more confident in a positive learning environment.